Friday, January 28, 2011

Offshore Fishing Videos (Tema, Ghana) - January 22, 2010

Here are a few interesting videos I shot while fishing about 32 km outside of Tema, Ghana.  Videos help to bring a perspective that just isn't "captured" with a photo.  It allows you, my friends back home, a chance to get a feel for the trip and the experience.  I'd appreciate your blog and Youtube comments.  Thanks, J.

First video is of Alex holding a grouper we caught.  Groupers are bottom rock-dwelling fish.  Due to the de-pressurization of pulling it from about 40 meters depth the swim bladder of the fish jutted out of it's mouth.  Yes, it looks nasty!

This next video is of Evans holding a fish of the jack family.  If you can identify it correctly please let me know.  Thanks.  A good eating fish that's for sure!

Sylva is a business consultant from Spain and has the personality of a sanguine (life of the party, jokes a lot, likes to laugh, etc).  He stripped down and took a dive while we were inspecting a fisherman's net.  Crazy Spaniard!

Nobody knew the name of this fish so Sylva dubbed it the "Pineapple Fish".  Seemed to be a suitable name.  if you can identify it please let me know.

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